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Steps for first time boarders:

 - Boarding Request (This page)

 - Facility Tour (Optional By Appt. Only)

 - Complete Application 

 - Send Vaccination Records

 - Orientation (FREE Required Daycare By Appt. Only)

Before requesting boarding:

We want to maintain the highest standards of health and safety of all our guests while staying with us. Please note if your dog experiences any of the following:

- Aggressiveness around other dogs/people

- High level of separation anxiety

- Any bowel issues

- Challenges enclosures such as digging/pulling at fences, gates, etc.

-Any medical needs

​We try to accommodate everyone, but if your dog has any of the above, we may not have the best set-up for them.

Please note:

- We do require a day of dog orientation prior to boarding for all new applicants, this is free of charge.

- As of 10/01/2023 we will not be accepting any new applicants with dogs that have not been spayed or neutered.